Excelacom Century Suite

Configurable modules accelerate time-to-market and -revenue, improve customer experience, and allow in-house teams to stay focused on their core businesses.

Evolution vs. Revolution

Century enhances your existing systems to improve business and operational performance without costly technology transformations. Century coexists with your existing architecture; as your needs change, Century offers forward manageability and flexibility to allow for continuing system evolution.

Why Century?

Stay ahead of the competition, grow your customer base, and increase revenue.

Reduce time to market

Century was purpose-built to improve lead-to-order and operational processes for CSPs.

Reduce time to revenue

Streamlined processes improve order delivery and installation.

Improve customer experience

Allow sales team to focus on customers, not on inefficient processes.

Maximize operational efficiency

Operational visibility into processes reduces issues leading to order fallout and disconnects.

Big Data and cloud support

Forward manageability and flexibility to allow for continuing system evolution.

Cost-efficient solution

Add functionality and link existing systems without costly technology transformations.

Modular approach

Customizable modules seal gaps in end-to-end processes to enhance existing systems.

Minimize risk

In IT, big projects fail, but small projects succeed!

Conquer Complexity

Unleash Opportunity