Century CPQ

Excelacom’s Century CPQ is a fully automated business app that supports complex bundles, offerings and enables ultimate cross-department visibility. Century CPQ minimizes customer churn and guides your team to smart business decisions.


Century CPQ is the ultimate sales tool that helps you with the ‘Quote-2-Cash’ process. Configure, Price and Quote complex product bundles, solutions, services and streamline the entire sales process with one click. Easily integrated to your architecture, Century CPQ fully covers sales quoting, contracting and deal closure processes.

Century CPQ provides full visibility for sales team in evaluating their efficiency and KPIs, driving smart sales decisions and adjusting sales strategy in accordance with customer behavior. AI and guided selling provide your sales department with best practices and step-by-step guides to close more deals and minimize manual work.


Fast and targeted communication with customers

Provides sales teams with accurate account information and the ability to automatically trigger approval workflows, resulting in a faster sales response, excellent customer experience and sales churn reduction.

Control margins, predict revenues

Facilitates the quote configuration process providing absolute visibility of every deal aspect. Enables opportunity of effective sale measurement and gives additional velocity to decision-making process.

Design reports and rank products, processes and teams

Instant reporting and ranking provides users with clear picture on sales cycles, products and deals, giving opportunity to identify successful sales paths and acquire them

Genuine personalization

CPQ offers team-wide support through providing best practices for product and sales lifecycles, bringing ultimately personalized experience for both business users and end-customers

The Power of AI

Implemented Artificial Intelligence enable limitless opportunities for sales teams in upselling, cross-selling and customer retention by personalizing approach, via analyzing customer behavior and bringing ultimate visibility to all sales operations, deals, accounts and prospects.


Century CPQ was developed to the challenge of time-consuming quote creation and facilitate the process of product bundling, price and discount estimation and helps to create professional price quote within minutes. Our CPQ application provides sales teams with comprehensive guided selling feature, helps to share the best practices across the department and boosts customer retention via implemented AI


  • Handles complex enterprise services
  • Accelerates sales cycle, streamlines ordering and provisioning
  • Acts as a digital enabler and unifies all products, definitions, dependences and prices into a single application
  • Includes a powerful workflow and reporting to track, manage, and analyze performance and progress
  • Supports both web and mobile access

Innovation meets performance.