Century Customer Manager

Century Customer Manager allows telecommunications/cable operators to comprehensively manage the treatment of their customer base. Customer service representatives can not only manage customer records and information about communications with customers, but also can easily place, revise and track orders.

Order Entry Functionality

The order entry functionality acquires all necessary definitions of services, products, bundles and pricing involved in the order composition process from the Product Framework.

Track, Manage and Expand Customer Base

Century Customer Manager works as an ideal tool for operating a call center, but also serves as a tool that enables sales agents and key account managers to track, manage and expand their customer base.

Manage Customers

Capture and manage customer information, including credit checks, tax-exempt status, and all service and billing details.

Partner Relationships

Create hierarchy templates, then manage business rules, node properties and order hierarchy.

Service Ordering

Handle order entry for products and services, including plan/feature selection, availability checks, and execution and submission.

Payment and Contract Control

Capture payment and contract information/validation, with support for different payment methods.

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