Eureka Dashboards & Reporting


Robust Platform

  • Value-driven Analytics across the Enterprise that influence business decisions
  • Link company goals, strategies and metrics
  • Built-in Intelligence that drives actions and notifications based on customer lifecycle management
  • Complete digital reporting and analytics platform; supports multiple platforms, data sources and format

Agnostic Reporting

  • Integrated support for Century and third-party technology (Oracle, Salesforce, etc.)

Comprehensive Data Model

  • Network, BSS and OSS data that provides insights into issues to provide a proactive reporting solution

Easy-to-Use Dashboards & Reports

  • Streamlined user interface with interactive tools to help drive the business
  • Create, manage and publish reports and dashboards for individual or team use
  • Customizable and pre-packaged reports which can be exported (PDF, Excel, etc.)


Eliminate areas of failure. Summarized metrics provide details related to process non-compliance and allow for identification and mitigation of failures in a time-bound fashion.

Increase productivity. Predictive and Adaptive Analytics based on key performance Indicators assist businesses with efficiently measuring and effectively driving improvements in Productivity.

Improve customer experience. Valuable and detailed data insights allow proactive monitoring and detection of improvement opportunities which drive actions that directly improve overall customer experience.

Integrate data management. Consolidation of data from disparate systems eliminate guesswork in business decision making and provides accurate, timely and real-time data.

Create Data Visibility and Accountability. Rich Data Visualization, custom Dashboards and scheduled Notification alerts provide executives with access to real-time data at their fingertips without dependence on IT. Visualization of work progress also allows for Increased employee satisfaction and drives accountability.

Accelerate revenue. Enhanced 360° view of customer data provides a greater understanding of the customer behavior and drives refinement of service offerings which meet customer needs and demands while increasing revenue.

Innovation meets performance.