Century Integration Framework

The Century Integration Framework is a service-based integration framework that provides application integration as well as end-to-end order and service fulfillment.

A Gateway Application

The Century Integration Framework integrates many disparate business components and processes – both inside and outside an enterprise. Century Integration Framework is a gateway application, providing APIs for client applications which interact with other applications and third party systems for various business purposes.


  • Provides a services framework to consolidate and integrate all services across an enterprise. The framework allows users and vendors to plug & play.
  • Transformation module helps the user to create request/response formats and map the transformation between client and third-party systems' message formats.
  • The integration framework runs on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which is compliant with Java Business Integration (JBI) specifications.
  • Based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), turning each functionality into a generalized service container that can be used by different applications.
  • Includes real-time, near real-time and batch interfaces.
  • Includes a service management console for registering client applications and allowing service assignments based upon requests.
  • Customer interface adapters include billing, tax calculation, CRM/Customer Manager, portals, provisioning, service order management, and third parties such as credit bureaus, address validation, payment gateways and others.

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