Century Partner Manager

The Century Partner Manager is an end-to-end suite that allows you to establish partners/distributors and the eco-system around your products and services. Century PRM handles end-to-end provider → partner → customer relations, automates service ordering and billing.

Partner Management

  • Partner On-Boarding: Contact Information, Credit Check, Contract/Agreements and SLA
  • SLAs represented as hierarchy and relates to product catalog and service delivery processes
  • Partner Ranking – discounts and promotions associated with rank.
  • Supports loyalty/bonus programs
  • Rating and pricing engine
  • Includes individual discount/promotion plans.
  • Order Management
  • warehouse updates
  • Billing/Invoicing, P&L reports

CRM for Partners

  • Provides Partners with CRM to support sales of manufacturer products and further customer relations.
  • Lead Management, Pipeline
  • Customer Management: contact info, contracts, payments
  • Sales Management, Quotation
  • BOM templates/Service Availability
  • Uses centralized product/service catalog and templates
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Order Entry for all products and services
  • Selecting plan
  • Order submission and tracking status
  • Payment Control
  • Claims Management

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