Century Self Care

Century Digital Portals provide mobile applications and web-based customer management and self-care functions for consumer and business customers through multiple customer channels. The portal improves the quality and efficiency of various sales functions for both enterprise and retail customers.


  • Provides a single web-based, self-service application for businesses and consumers
  • Provides reduced time-to-market for new products and services
  • Allows for any service to be offered at any time to a customer base
  • Allows for quad play of services and provides our customers with the ability to offer next generation products and services from a single application
  • Supports bundled service offerings
  • Provides a 360-degree view of a customer; provides care and sales with a full view of customers, orders and history
  • Allows for increased brand awareness for both businesses and consumers
  • Single data source for business and consumer accounts in order to provide improved customer management capabilities as well as product management and marketing visibility
  • Ease of Use - Single Web-based GUI
  • One application allows for reduced orders and calls into the call center
  • Provides enterprise customer management within a secure environment

Features & Functionality

Features include: Sales, Account Management and Self Care Features.

Functionality include: Learn, Shopping Cart, Rate Plan selection, Service Configuration, Order Tracking, Store Locator, Service Availability, Porting, Branded and themed site layout, Customer Hierarchy Management, Customer Account Management, Service Management, Consumer and Enterprise Self Care, Web Analytics, User Identity and Credit Check, Promotions and Discounts, Trouble Tickets, Bill Presentation and Payment, Voice, SMS, International, Roaming, and Data-and Event-based service usage views.

Innovation meets performance.