Century Product Catalog

The Century Product Catalog is an intuitive, creative environment that works as a unifying product catalog. It enables non-technical staff to compose complex service bundles that can be later marketed and sold to customers in the desired target market segments.

Product Composition & Maintenance

The primary business function of the Century Product Catalog component — product composition and maintenance — is enabled by an underlying product and service repository that stores ready-to-use definitions of telecommunications services. Definitions of these services, together with many other useful configuration elements, are available immediately, as they are preconfigured.


Configuring Products & Services

The Century Product Catalog configures products and services, including definitions, presentment, sales channel affinity, pricing and order fulfillment. The catalog also contains information relevant to its functionality from the other three components of the Century suite. Any changes to service and product definitions are automatically propagated from Century Product Catalog to all other Century CRM and Ordering components, assuring integrity across the whole solution at any moment in time.

Use the Century Product Catalog to Manage:

  • Services
  • Rate Plans
  • Contracts
  • Price Plans
  • Commitments
  • Discount and Promotions

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