Century Revenue Assurance

The complex monitoring of revenue leakage described above is an absolute necessity for today's telecommunications service providers. However, successful implementation of revenue assurance processes requires not only deployment and integration of any chosen revenue assurance system (as an underlying technological platform), but also in-depth analysis of the surrounding business processes and a positive introduction of the revenue assurance mindset across the whole company.

Excelacom's mission is to help their clients to re-tune their overall revenue assurance processes in order to prevent revenue leakages and to discover and resolve them quickly if they occur.

Effective fulfillment of revenue assurance processes goes hand in hand with the implementation of a suitable technological platform, enabling automation of these processes and assuring adherence to respective industrial standards. Excelacom designed and produced such a platform, Century Revenue and Operational Control, capable of automating:

  • Monitoring of key business processes such as order to- activation or usage-to-bill
  • Reconciliation of sub-products of these processes e.g. comparison of raw xDRs towards, post mediation records, rated charges and bills or reconciliation of configuration against orders and billed items (the most often – recurrent charges)
  • Proactive identification of key revenue leakages based on preset thresholds and alarms
  • Comprehensive analysis of cross-domain data originating in various NSS/OSS/BSS systems
  • Management reporting and dash boarding

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