Century Test Automation

Century Test Automation (CTA) is a feature-rich application that organizes, automates and manages all aspects of the testing process.


Century Test Automation distinguishes itself from other tools on the market by providing high-volume back-end process testing that bypasses the application's User Interface.

CTA is built for simple test case creation, execution and validation. It automates test case execution / validation, as well as health checks, and provides built-in workflow management to tie together tasks to test workflow processes.

An Execution and Validation Scheduler allows users to schedule test runs during off-hours, reducing processing and memory stress during production hours. Test execution and validation can be run in multiple environments through a customizable connection manager. CTA also includes data management, to keep a repository of data to be used and reused for testing.

Highly customizable reports provide users, managers and executives with real-time results at appropriate information levels.

Test Planning

  • Organize the test cases into manageable units
  • Arrange them under multiple hierarchies
  • Input the test cases/scenarios
  • Attach/create test data for each test case
  • Attach the baseline(expected) responses
  • Assign the test cases to individual users
  • Execute and validate the test cases

Work List Management

  • Distribution of Test Case Execution
  • Assign/Re-assign/Unassigned work – Project basis
  • Assign/Re-assign/Unassigned work – User basis

Test Execution Management

  • Select the environment
  • Execute test cases in the back end
  • Compare received response to baseline
  • Decide whether test cases pass the validation

Test Data Management

  • Attach/upload data
  • Create test data attachment by typing the data into Century View
  • Pick a predefined template

User Management

  • Allows for role creation and management
  • Provides for privilege management (authorization and authentication)
  • Creates users and manage their account

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