Feb 25, 2015

Excelacom to Attend Mobile World Congress Annual Convention in Barcelona March 2-5

Excelacom, a global Consulting, Services and Solutions provider, will be attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 2-5, 2015. Excelacom's Chief Marketing Officer, Yossi Abraham, and Dinesh Dhanasekharan, Chief Technology Officer, will be presenting the company's strategic plan, consulting services and innovative product roadmap for Century, its flagship lead-to-order software solution.

"Excelacom provides solid thought leadership and technological expertise to help companies battle the ever-changing business and technology landscape," said Yossi Abraham, CMO.

At Mobile World Congress, Excelacom will show how it helps customers improve business and operational performance without costly technology transformations, bringing focus, leadership, technical knowledge and in-depth industry understanding to bear in solving complex business challenges.

"MWC is a great opportunity for us to showcase how Excelacom as well as our evolutionary approach to solving today's complex business and IT challenges," said Dinesh Dhanasekharan, CTO. "We're looking forward to the opportunities to discuss how Excelacom can navigate today's rapidly-changing market conditions."

If you'd like to meet with Excelacom, please send an email to

Excelacom is headquartered in the US in Reston, VA and has more than 700 employees worldwide. With hands-on experience addressing the most significant issues facing communications and media providers today, including Cloud transitions, IoT, over-the-top strategies and Big Data initiatives, Excelacom's offerings include high-end business, technology and operational consulting; extensive professional services; and lead-to-order and predictive operations software solutions.

Innovation meets performance.