Our professional consulting teams have hands-on experience addressing the most significant issues facing Communication Service Providers (CSPs) today, including Cloud transitions, Machine-to-Machine, over-the-top strategies and Big Data initiatives.

Excelacom Consulting Methodology (ECM)

Excelacom's proven consulting methodology is a structured approach that is based on thought leadership backed by analytical horsepower.

Assessment Planning

Generate a detailed project plan, interview schedule, governance process & a list of deliverables.

Core Activities

  • Meet with key stakeholders
  • Define interview schedule
  • Discuss governance process
  • Discuss format of deliverables

Work Products & Results

  • Detailed project plan
  • Interview list and schedule

Learn & Document Existing Processes

Interview key stakeholders & document findings.

Core Activities

  • Utilize a standard questionnaire form and interview key staff across the organization to understand existing high-level issues
  • Participate and monitor the execution of the business processes including the documentation of the process
  • Summarize the history of past change initiatives
  • Document related initiatives that are underway or have recently been completed
  • Identify high-leverage processes for more detailed analysis
  • Gather, organize, and validate as-is information (including existing metrics & measurement techniques)

Work Products & Results

  • Completed questionnaire form for each interview
  • Completed process documentation

Map Existing Processes to Best Practices

Identify open issues & prioritize solutions.

Core Activities

  • Evaluate the identified processes and metrics with the business processes
  • Compare processes with industry best practices and identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Review each process in the context of the overall organization to identify the process boundaries

Work Products & Results

  • High-level business process models
  • Prioritized list of issues, based on:
    • Cost Savings
    • Customer Improvement
    • Time to Implement
    • Cost to Implement

Assessment Analysis

Evaluate the data & deliver a gap assessment with an implementation plan to close the gaps.

Core Activities

  • Identify gaps between current and target performance indicators
  • Identify potential risks to closing the gaps
  • Review findings with the senior leadership and discuss the impact to current and future processes, organizational structure, and information technology

Work Products & Results

  • High-level gap assessment
  • Detailed project recommendations including process and system changes that will result in improved business processes
  • “To-Be" Process

Assessment Summary & Recommendation

Communicate the findings & recommendations with senior leadership to validate the recommended improvements.

Core Activities

  • Gather information and write report
  • Build presentation
  • Schedule read out meeting

Work Products & Results

  • Detailed Assessment Report
  • Executive Summary Deck
  • Read out meeting

Innovation meets performance.