Practice Areas

Work with us to build forward-looking strategies that drive growth, increase competitiveness, and align your technology and strategy with your long-term vision.

Strategy & Transformation

Excelacom offers an objective perspective with a forward-looking approach. Our consulting teams assess, analyze and rebuild business processes with optimized workflows to drive growth and increase competitiveness. Industry-specific expertise ensures close alignment between new processes and core business practices.

Change Management

Communication Service Providers are operating in an environment defined by constant, rapid change. Excelacom investigates the “as is," defines the “to be" and delivers a systematic framework to help organizations plan and execute change across the enterprise.

Vendor Selection

Excelacom can manage end-to-end vendor selection by helping you define your business requirements, identify potential vendors, and create and execute a decision process. Our work preserves clients' time and staff resources, allowing them to focus on their core businesses.

Innovation meets performance.