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Manager, Voice Networking

Kristie West is the Manager of Voice Networking at Excelacom. Kristie brings over 8 years of experience in the Communications and Media industry with a diverse background in engineering, design and development of enterprise-level solutions. Kristie is very well-respected and a known subject matter expert within the Metaswitch community, as she has held top positions for ILECs, CLECs and large data and telecommunication providers.

As the Manager of Voice Networking at Excelacom, Kristie is responsible for converting traditional circuit switches to next-generation architecture. She designs and integrates interfaces between existing OSS/BSS systems and the new Metaswitch environment per each client's specific need.

Prior to joining Excelacom, Kristie was the Lead Engineer for various Metaswitch projects. She successfully led and engineered the migration of legacy services for over 87,000 subscriber lines to a next generation network architecture. In addition, she led and completed the commissioning and build-out of three Class 5 softswitch deployments, one ACME and two Perimeta SBCs.

Kristie has specialty certifications in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Hosted PBX, Call Feature Server and Universal Media Gateway Management, Enhanced Application Server Deployment & Troubleshooting, Session Border Controller – Perimeta, and Advanced Translations. Kristie received a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, Accounting and Finance from the University of Southern Mississippi. In addition, she also earned two Associate of Arts and Sciences degrees in Bilingual Education from Valencia Community College and Education from Jones County Junior College.

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