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Talent Acquisition Analyst

Olivia Lynch was a Talent Acquisition Analyst at Excelacom. As a Talent Acquisition Analyst, she assisted with all duties related to campus recruitment, hiring for contract roles and permanent positions ranging from entry-level analysts to senior-level directors.

Prior to joining Excelacom, Olivia was a freelance writer for Brainerd Communications. As a freelance writer, Olivia informed those working or living in a community association by interviewing subjects and writing about various topics for publication in Association Help Now. In addition, Olivia held an internship with Rent the Runway as a Public Relations Representative. Her role was to use social media as a viable resource for networking with potential customers, while maintaining Rent the Runway's image on campus and achieving sales goals.

Olivia received a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Corporate Communications and a minor in Creative Writing from James Madison University. Olivia also studied abroad in Urbino, Italy where she worked as a student journalist for ieiMedia and published an article for Urbino Now Magazine.

Innovation meets performance.