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Senior Manager, E-Commerce Program Management for Residential and Business Services

Roman Rusinski was the Senior Manager of E-Commerce Program Management for Residential and Business Services at Excelacom. After joining Excelacom in 2003, Mr. Rusinski maintained a proven track record within various leadership positions requiring strategic planning, estimation, forecasting, resource allocation and management skills.

As Senior Manager of E-Commerce Program Management, Rusinski managed the implementation of e-commerce buyflow functionality at a major telecom retail service provider. His leadership served an instrumental role in a 189% increase of online order fulfillment in 2013. In addition, Rusinski successfully directed the deployment of a mobile proxy solution, enabling M-Commerce buyflow functionality for acquisition. This solution increased the mobile buyflow conversion rate from +16% in 2012 to +28% in 2014. Most recently, Rusinski was responsible for all aspects of the account, including deliverables, strategy, methodologies, processes, resource allocation and invoicing.

Previously, Rusinski served as Excelacom's Senior Manager of Century Software Deployment from 2010 to 2012. Here he directed the implementation of Century Test Automation (CTA) software at a major telecom service provider, and was responsible for all aspects of the account. As Senior Manager, Rusinski successfully deployed and integrated base CTA product, introduced customized interfaces across multiple systems within the client's retail spin-off environment, and introduced customized interfaces across their internal support systems. Rusinski's additional work in implementing testing automation also resulted in a ten-fold increase in testing efficiency.

Prior, Rusinski served as the Senior Managers for Wholesale Order Fallout Analysis and BSS Conversion and Migration; the Project Managers for Business Services User Acceptance Testing and Business Class Digital Voice 3.0 Launch Planning; the Account Manager for Access and Local Wholesale Integration Testing; and the Quality Assurance Lead for Access Wholesale Integration Testing. His leadership roles have helped improve testing efficiency, operational savings, and the overall implementation processes.

Before joining Excelacom, Rusinski served as an Informational Analyst for Electronic Data Systems from 1998 to 2000. Here he created a web-based test tool for a major telecommunications company and developed C programming language skills in an intensive Information Analyst Development Program. From 2000 to 2003, Rusinski served as Team Leader and Information Analyst for a Computer Sciences Corporation. Here he supervised testing responsibilities of a UNIX-based customer care telemarketing application and was instrumental in expanding the customer care system for a major long distance telecommunications company.

Mr. Rusinski attended Rutgers University's College of Engineering in New Brunswick, NJ and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in German.

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