Oct 27, 2014

Billing for Cloud Services

By Yossi Abraham

I’m a great believer in the evolutionary approach to introducing new technology – like Cloud Services – to support changing business needs.

In today’s networked world, every business is interconnected through high-capacity Internet connections, and many services that were previously hosted and managed on local servers are now on remote servers in the Cloud. Improved connectivity and economies of scale allow Cloud Service Providers to offer services with very high quality and improved cost structure and flexibility. Consequently, new business models for cloud services have emerged, and the Cloud Service Providers had to redesign their content, systems and value-driven pricing models.

With these new services, we are often asked our view of the most appropriate Billing solution to support them. As cloud services and associated pricing models are evolving, there has been added pressure on Cloud Service Providers to invest in new, complex billing solutions, rather than using their existing billing infrastructures.

However, the truth is that billing for cloud services is not as complex as one might think, nor – in most cases – does it require a costly billing system transformation.

Instead, an evolutionary solution joins Cloud Services with the existing billing infrastructures. Using this modern approach helps ease the overall impact to organizations by reducing technical obstacles, minimizing operational risks and maximizing potential benefits.

Excelacom’s latest white paper, “Billing for Cloud Services,” provides a deeper look into these issues and ratchets down the hype for cloud-based services billing. Check it out and contact us if you’d like to continue the conversation.

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