Nov 13, 2015

Gobble, Gobble, Give

By Noelle Jesus

As the holiday celebrations begin, we find ourselves getting into the spirit of giving, whether it is amongst friends, family, or even at work. This year, we decided to jump start our act of "giving" at Excelacom by organizing a Thanksgiving Food Drive.

We are thrilled to support Cornerstones, Inc., a local nonprofit organization that has been prominent in our community for over 43 years. Cornerstones, Inc. strives to promote self-sufficiency, by supporting those in need of food, shelter, housing, childcare and other human services.

Team Raggamuffins

Excelacom truly values its corporate social responsibility. As a business and as individuals, we genuinely care about our community and strive to make a difference. Excelacom inspires our employees and demonstrates the importance of our social responsibility by incorporating it into our everyday work lives.

Team "A"

Excelacom's Thanksgiving Spirit

This year's Thanksgiving Food Drive was a huge success and was definitely a team effort. It's been heartwarming to see how eager our employees were to give back to the local community. Employees in our Reston office formed teams to gather and box-up the Thanksgiving food items for local families in need. These boxes full of food for families were then decorated by the teammates. The creativity, thoughtfulness and time that was put into these boxes was amazing!


We can't wait to deliver these baskets to the families; there is nothing more rewarding that the act of giving back.

For me and my colleagues, knowing that Excelacom provided less fortunate families with a Thanksgiving meal is an incredible feeling. We are making a difference in our community and helping those who need it.

We challenge you to join Excelacom and pay it forward this holiday season.

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​Noelle Jesus is the Finance Coordinator at Excelacom. As Excelacom's Finance Coordinator, she is responsible for many areas at the company's headquarters office in Reston, Virginia. In addition to managing the office facility's day-to-day operations, she also is a lead on the finance team with chief responsibility for expense management and corporate travel.

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