Aug 25, 2015

Infrastructure Optimization: Mining Hidden Dollars Buried in Day-to-Day Operations

By Tom Kozielski

Infrastructure optimization, the opportunity most good IT organizations don't know they have. After all, Infrastructure is boring. It sits there and just works. Boring that is, until one of two basic challenges occur. Striking a balance between the two is key:

1. Finance clamps down because the cost to install, maintain or support the infrastructure

2. It begins failing because the proper amount of investment was not made over time to sustain it

Real World Cost Savings

One client requested assistance with virtualization of a large number of physical servers. For years, they ignored the move from physical to virtual. Upon review of their inventory, we determined that more than 50% of their server base was EOSL. They weren't aware of this additional problem. However, once we uncovered it, the additional information allowed Excelacom to build an approach that addresses both problems at the same time.

Excelacom Infrastructure-Optimization


Unfortunately, the sage advice of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," over time becomes the mindset in many corporations. I've heard many IT executives or their finance team argue that traditional systems and technologies have been in place for decades and have always been able to get the job done. The necessity for change is simple: stay ahead of the age profile and technology curve while maximizing infrastructure utilization, before you enter the downward spirals described above.

Optimization Focus

The infrastructure optimization should not only include the Servers, network and storage (Compute Infrastructure) but must also include the Data Center Infrastructure (power, cooling and floor space). Striking a balance between the three components of Data Center Infrastructure is a key factor for avoiding costly challenges. For example, having power and cooling that is oversized for the amount of floor space available is a gross waste of infrastructure investment time and money.

If you are wondering whether you have a hidden Data Center optimization challenge, ask yourself a simple question. "Do I have a metric that shows me the age profile of my Compute and Data Center infrastructure across all Data Centers? " If you don't, you may have a pretty significant infrastructure optimization challenge waiting to happen.

Optimization Benefits

As infrastructure evolves, IT leaders must adapt to keep pace with increased revenue opportunities and decreased operational costs. Legacy infrastructures are expensive to maintain and they can no longer support the high-volume of data expected to flood the servers.

With constant growth and expanding business ventures increasing at an exponential rate, the benefits of infrastructure optimization becomes a necessity to do business. As a result, companies will be able to experience quicker time-to-market, cut operational and maintenance costs, and more importantly, develop an ongoing process that will sustain optimal infrastructure configurations for the future.

Companies that have installed our process for Infrastructure Optimization and Cloud Support Strategy have found it to be a new way of doing business that can become retrofitted into your day-to-day process that keeps your infrastructure optimized long after we complete our initial engagement.

Excelacom's recent perspective paper, "Infrastructure Optimization: Mining Hidden Dollars Buried in Day-to-Day Operations," walks readers through the process at a higher level. For more detailed information about Excelacom's infrastructure optimization strategy, please email us at

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