Nov 06, 2015

Is Social Media Technology Important?

By Katie Siekierka

In today's digital world, every industry is faced with the same challenge, to provide a highly satisfying solution to their customers that is more efficient, more personalized and quicker than the competition. This challenge is crucial to overcome sooner, rather than later. According to the Customers 2020 Report the number one factor for consumers is their customer experience. And, the RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report revealed that 89% of consumers have discontinued doing business with a company due to a poor customer service experience. These reports emphasize the increasing importance of customer service, placing extreme pressure on businesses to step-up how they handle customer service issues.

"89% of consumers have discontinued doing business with a company due to a poor customer service experience."


Soon we'll be saying #ThrowBackThursday to the traditional, frustrating customer service 1-800 phone call where we sat on hold for hours until finally, our five second issue was resolved. As the 1-800 customer service number is disappearing, the amount of customer service transactions occurring on social media is rapidly increasing. EWeek discovered that when seeking customer service, 53% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 prefer using electronic media (i.e., social media, text messaging and web chat) rather than making a phone call. To maintain and satisfy the millennial generation, businesses need to be prepared to respond directly to them through their preferred channels of communication. Consumers are demanding more from companies than simply just a presence on social media. They expect their customer service encounter via social media to be convenient, personalized and quick.

Domino's Pizza is a great example of a convenient and personalized customer service social media platform. According to PMQ Pizza Magazine, Domino's Social Media Customer Care Team's twitter handle has grown over 137% since 2013 and they have more than 10,000 interactions per month. As of May 2015, Domino's was the first major player in the U.S. restaurant industry to launch a "tweet-to-order" system. Customers can simply tweet the pizza emoji @Dominos to place their pizza delivery order, making this a "five-second exchange." Since this launch, USA today mentioned that 50% of Domino's sales have been taking place digitally. In Australia, Domino's is utilizing GPS tracking technology for their deliveries. Customers can see every detailed step about their order such as when it is baking, boxing, packing, and on its way. In addition they can see a photo of their driver, a few fun facts about their driver such as their favorite sports team and can see in real-time when their pizza will arrive. Domino's Pizza has mastered the art of convenient ordering with a personalized, engaging delivery service.

Not only do consumers value convenience and personalization, but they expect a timely response to their customer service injury via social media. There is a major gap, but also a huge opportunity businesses have to fill because according to FierceCMO, 42% of consumers expect a resolution within an hour, but 33% of consumers said they have not heard for a week or more from a company they reached out to on social media for an answer. Nike is known for their quick response rate on their @NikeSupport twitter handle. As mentioned on SimplyMeasured, Nike is ranked number one of the Top 100 brands with a customer service twitter handle, leading with a 74% response rate.

To succeed in today's digital age and adequately satisfy the up-and-coming millennial generation, companies need the right technology integrated into their business strategy. The appropriate technology will provide consumers with their ideal customer experience, ultimately benefiting the company's brand by increasing revenue, satisfaction, efficiency and loyalty.

Excelacom can implement the technology needed so your company can provide your customers with the best customer experience possible. For more information on how Excelacom can help you, please email us at

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Katie Siekierka was the Assistant Marketing Manager at Excelacom. As the Assistant Marketing Manager, she assisted with the company’s marketing and communication efforts, including social media, strategy, branding, events and public relations.

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