May 21, 2015

Monetizing Latin America’s Booming Mobile Market

By Samia Bounaira

Latin America is booming! With a population of 590 million, 60% unbanked, GSMA is estimating 320 million subscribers by 2020 (59%), 605 million smartphones (70% of total connection base), 890 million connections excluding M2M (penetration of 134%).

In response to this market explosion, GSMA Mobile 360 – Latin America organized its very first event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 13-14th 2015, under the theme of "Driving Innovation for Growth."


This event was not only a great networking platform to meet with Senior Executives of the Latin-American Mobile Industry, but also offered an opportunity to discuss and debate with industry players around the growth of mobile across Latin America.

Across the Latin America region, we are seeing rapid technology migration trends within all types of products and services, to help address the existing challenges in the region's social, economic and public needs, including enabling financial and digital inclusion. The increasing adoption of smartphones, together with the expansion of mobile broadband coverage, is opening the spectrum to new business opportunities for all players within the mobile value chain, as well as enabling the mass population to connect to mobile services.

In this context, this GSMA Mobile 360 event explored the opportunities and challenges through a range of thought master sessions with keynote speakers and workshops from regulatory, to terminal and technical, billing and roaming, and security and fraud working groups.

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