Jan 12, 2015

Top 15 Trends in 2015: Insights from an Indoor Playground About the Era of Mobile Addiction

By Yossi Abraham

I was with my 5-year-old twins at an indoor playground recently. With one exception, every single parent was staring down at their phone, rather than watching the kids.

I was the one exception … and that's only because I was watching the parents watching their phones.

Mobile connectivity has moved from luxury to necessity to addiction within half a generation. Consumer expectations – for service quality, availability and cost – have undergone a similarly swift advance. Consumers now demand ever more powerful unplugged connections/devices so they can remain plugged into work/home/entertainment. This has major impacts for how Communications and Media Providers manage their systems and run their businesses.

Worldwide, the amount of traffic on our electronic networks is exploding – and that's before the Internet of Things fully comes online. For the established telecom players, this growth is quickly surpassing the capacities of their networks and the capabilities of their back office systems as they are designed today.

Meanwhile, revenues have flattened, while the competition keeps getting fiercer, with new entrants from the fast-paced Internet world. Providers are locked in a serious struggle to one-up (or match) each other with new products, better features and even new lines of business at a faster pace than ever before.

We're in a period of rapid change in the telecom world. In 2015, Excelacom sees 15 trends being driven by Consumers, Communications and Media Providers and Market Direction:


Consumer Trends

  • Demand for Bandwidth – Within three years, traffic from wireless/mobile devices will exceed traffic from wired devices
  • Wearables – Today: prototypical, limited, smartphone augmenters rather than replacements. Tomorrow?
  • Self-Care – All about the User Experience. Consumers want everything and they want it now.
  • Content Content Content – Consumers want convenience: the ability to choose…what, when and how they want to watch content.
  • World of Applications – Declining loyalty to providers or even to apps beyond "all my friends are there."

Provider Imperatives

  • Demand for Bandwidth – Total IP traffic continues to grow – and at an increasing rate – driven in part by new services crowding onto old networks.
  • Cloud & Virtualization – Two ways to transform the legacy data center model to decrease hardware costs and improve flexibility.
  • Machine2Machine – Forward-looking providers are investing now in M2M to enable new services in healthcare, connected vehicles, etc.
  • New Business Models – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS will continue to be in heavy growth mode.
  • OTT Competition – Providers must look for partnerships and reinvent their offerings to include embedded connectivity.
  • Legacy Back Office Systems – Carriers are competing with Internet challengers at Internet speeds, but with legacy systems that have been marginally modernized, if at all....
  • Revenue/Traffic Decoupling – Network costs poised to surpass revenues as the Age of Voice succumbs fully to the Age of Data.

Market Realities

  • Mergers & Acquisition – Long a reality among carriers and vendors will continue to be dominant.
  • Skilled Workforce Shortage – Increase in demand and competition for top talent, but a scarce amount available in the market.
  • Big Data & Analytics – Understand customers, predict their behaviors, and improve targeting and reduce churn.

See our presentation on 15 Trends in 2015 for details.

Our philosophy at Excelacom is built around 4 core beliefs:

  1. 'Evolution vs. Revolution'
  2. Simplification: processes, systems, tools
  3. Optimization extract most value from existing, and
  4. Monetization.

The challenges of 2015 can truly become opportunities when merging the technology capabilities with the business needs.

For more detailed information about the ways Excelacom can help Communications and Media Providers address – and conquer – these challenges and unleash the opportunities, email us at

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