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Comprehensive set of modules to automate the end-to-end business process from lead to order completion.

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Excelacom implemented validation checkpoints to prevent leakage and reduce the number of failed installations and improved the accuracy of service orders by 70%.


This organization was struggling to keep pace with incoming sales orders and delivery. Their existing sales process was decentralized and lacked automation which led to significant fallout during order fulfilment and service delivery. They didn't have a product solution to automate the quote-to-cash process.


We provided Productized Solutions and Consulting Services, including:

  • Reviewed all existing processes and identified gaps within this company's sales and service delivery organization.
  • Designed and implemented a new standardized end-to-end process.
  • Introduced a new sales support channel to focus on back office functions.
  • Implemented the Century Product Suite.


  • Improved accuracy of orders by 70% with validation checkpoints to prevent leakage and reduce the number of failed installations.
  • Decreased time to revenue. With the new streamlined process, order delivery times were more efficient and took less time to complete.
  • Better customer experience. The new sales support channel team and standardized processes allowed the sales team to focus on customers, not on inefficient processes.

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