Managed Operations

Efficient operation of customer solutions at lower cost and with improved end user experience

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Excelacom helped this company grow a huge customer base with multiple service offerings, including Triple Play, which cut into the competitor's market quickly.


This company's existing order entry environment for Internal Retail ordering services was composed primarily of mainframe systems, and lacked the robust functionality required for today's highly dynamic market. Without an integrated "user-friendly" ordering platform, retail service representatives' handling of orders was both time-intensive and error-prone.


  • Created development requirements.
  • Prepared software deployments.
  • Managed capacity planning effort and performance.
  • Delivered pre-ordering interfaces.
  • Developed reports and order tracking tools.
  • Managed testing effort (system, integration, and load).
  • Project management and delivery.


  • Reduced overall training costs.
  • Improved efficiency with consistent, optimized business processes.
  • Reduced errors due to consolidated order entry process.
  • Improved automation between systems and reduced manual efforts.

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