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Allowed this company to focus on their current business.


As part of an acquisition, the acquisition company wanted to buy another satellite radio service and it was contingent on FCC approval. As part of the regulatory contingences, FCC mandated the acquisition company to offer 'a la carte' channel selections and provide their consumers with an option to pick and choose their radio channels based on a package. Due to this mandate, this company requested Excelacom to build an "a la carte" Channel Selector module for new and existing consumers. The module required updates to the company's Online, Provisioning, Billing, and Order Entry systems. The initial business requirements for this project were produced by FCC and were published on the Wall Street Journal. The project had extremely tight deadlines, significant executive involvement and regulatory oversight.


Designed, developed, and tested an a la carte channel selector that:

  • Allowed self service for new and existing customers
  • Provided customer service administration tool
  • Provided channel and package administration tool


  • Allowed the company to focus on their current business. The company could concentrate on other areas of the acquisition while Excelacom developed the solution they needed to comply with the FCC mandate.
  • Improved customer experience. The a la carte channel selector provides their customers with flexibility and a choice.

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