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Excelacom 2015 Communication Trends

Excelacom 2015 Communication Trends

Top communication trends for 2015 among communication and media providers, consumers, and the market direction.

The Excelacom Difference

The Excelacom Difference

Excelacom delivers a combination of consulting, product elements, and services that’s right for you. The company is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, outside Washington, D.C. with over 700 employees worldwide. Since 2000, Excelacom has been solving clients' complex business, technology and operational challenges.

Excelacom's Consulting

Excelacom's Consulting

Excelacom has hands-on experience addressing the most significant issues facing Communication Service Providers (CSPs) today, including cloud and virtualization transitions, monetizing M2M, OTT strategies, the IoT and big data initiatives.

Why Century

Excelacom's Product: Century

Century is unique because it has the ability to enhance your existing systems, improving business and operational performances without costly technology transformations.

Excelacom's Professional Services

Excelacom's Professional Services

Excelacom offers immediately available, highly-trained personnel to expand your capacity at a predictable and reduced cost, while allowing in-house technology teams to remain focused on their core businesses.

Tableau Tutorial Part 1: How to find a Shape file

Tableau Tutorial Part 1: How to Use Geographic Shape Files

This tutorial is an introduction to Geographical Information Systems (GIS), demonstrating how to find shape files.

Tableau Tutorial Part 2: How To Use Affine Transformation

Tableau Tutorial Part 2: How to Use Affine Transformations

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the plug-in, Affine Transformation.

Tableau Tutorial Part 3: How to Export Data

Tableau Tutorial Part 3: How to Export Geometry Data

This tutorial demonstrates how to export the geometry data.

Tableau Tutorial Part 4: How To Load

Tableau Tutorial Part 4: How to Load Files into Tableau

This tutorial demonstrates how to load files into Tableau.

Tableau Tutorial Part 5: Tableau's Internal Geodatabase

Tableau Tutorial Part 5: Tableau’s Internal Geodatabase

This tutorial explains Tableau’s Internal Geodatabase.

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