Our mission is to position ourselves as a business and technology leader in the market place. Fundamental to our mission is our value system, including:


Passion for customer satisfaction


Respect for responsiveness to and empowerment of our employees


Technology and innovation

Continuous improvement

A winning/competitive spirit

At the core, we are a Consulting and Technology Solutions company solving clients' complex business, technology, and operational challenges. Accomplished through a combination of industry expertise, tailored product solutions, and strategic business view.

Our industry-leading approach to the creation of solutions that have zero defects, ontime delivery and within budget is based on more than 20 years of industry experience and a leadership vision derived from numerous significant system implementation and transformational projects.

We offer a range of solutions and services to clients, including business consultancy, system integration, and outsourcing. We cover a wide range of challenges, from strategy to development and implementation to operations. Accessibility to experienced resources and strong industry partnerships enables us to assemble a team of professionals to meet our client’s business and technology needs. Our philosophy has always been to form a partnership with our clients, take personal ownership and accountability for all the services that we provide. Innovation at your service delivered with high performance.

Excelacom provides extensive experience in product development, IT consulting, telecom-focused software and managed services, as well as strategic management and thought leadership to steer your organization towards a successful business and technology transformation.

Excelacom is a global company, headquartered in the United States in Reston, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C., with offices in North America and Europe as well as a Technology Center in Chennai, India.

Leader in Consulting

Leader in Consulting

Covering a wide range of challenges from strategy to development, implementation to operations. Our access to experienced, talented, and robust industry partnerships enables us to assemble teams of professionals to meet our clients’ business and technology needs.

Leader in Technology

Leader in Technology

Utilize the many technologies we offer from AI/Machine Learning for Guided Selling to capturing leads from multiple channels, including SMS/MMS/EMAIL/Webforms. Additionally, our company is becoming a market leader in the development of low-code platform that allows companies to build up new business applications quickly. Our enhanced mobility and omni-channel enable access to all customer-related and business generated information or partners, customers, and employees, from anywhere.



Our teams have hands-on experience addressing the most significant issues facing Communication Service Providers (CSPs) today, including Cloud transitions, Machine-to-Machine, over-the-top strategies, and Big Data initiatives.



Our solutions accelerate time-to-market, time-to-revenue, and improve customer experience, while enabling in-house teams to stay focused on their core businesses. Monetize data through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to better target customers, accurately analyzing and predicting behaviors in real-time.



Our software solutions help CSPs offer differentiated services to their customers. Additionally, our experts are covering multiple enterprise applications, solutions for smooth digital transformation, including Cloud portfolio, DevOps, AI, and RPA.

A Global Presence

Business and technical experts servicing customers across North America, Europe, and Asia

Reston, VA Corporate HQ
Philadelphia, PA
Toronto, Canada
Los Angeles, CA
San Juan, Puerto Rico
London, England
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Prague, Czech Republic
Chennai, India Offshore Development & Outsourcing
Mexico City, Mexico
Munich, Germany
Denver, CO

Excelacom’s mission is supported by experienced consultants, analysts, and technology specialists, situated in offices worldwide.

Choose Excelacom as your partner

Global office locations provide 360-degree coverage of Excelacom clients’ needs

Dedicated Technology Center in Chennai, India with capacity up to 1,000 resources to scale up for projects of any size and complexity

Over 20 years of industry focus and innovative solutions