There are many categories of AI: computer vision, image recognition, deep learning/machine learning (applications and platforms), natural language processing, gesture control, personalized recommendations, smart robots, speech recognition, video analysis, content recognition, speech-to-speech translation, and virtual assistants, and many more. Excelacom has a Center of Excellence for AI and Machine Learning, with a team of industry-leading experts that can help you develop, adopt, and implement the right AI strategies.

AI and Machine Learning

Why use AI and Machine Learning?

When you are managing millions of customers and vast amounts of data, as is typical for many CSPs, the challenge becomes more extensive. Machine learning in production is becoming less about algorithms and more about the data workflows surrounding them - how to train machine learning models in the lab, deploy them into production, monitor and evaluate their performance, and improve them. Also if data flows are long, expensive, or manual, and pose a challenge.

Implement AI

How to implement AI in your company

Regardless of the size of your project, we can help you start small and scale-up. Introduce AI with the most straight-forward problems first. A crawl-walk-run strategy helps shake out details of your AI development and production practices.

Excelacom Services and Approach to AI

AI has the potential to impact every facet of a service provider’s business from qualifying customers, to allocating network resources. From a maturity standpoint, AI is still relatively new in many of these areas, and solutions are very specific and tailored to solve one problem at a time. There are many AI solutions and products in the marketplace, but one-size does not fit all. To avoid potential pitfalls that our customers could be faced with during the development of AI strategy or AI system we have ensured a set of comprehensive services and advisory consultants for an effortless process.

Research, Strategy, Analysis, Roadmap, Recommendations

Research, Strategy, Analysis, Roadmap, Recommendations

We spend time with management to inform and collaborate.

We facilitate and formulate a multi-year AI roadmap specific to your business challenges, needs and strategy.

We recommend AI technologies and solutions.

AI-Infused Data Products

AI-Infused Data Products

AI and data intelligence can be embedded in products and services based on the needs of your customers and your business.

Proprietary AI-Enabled Product

Proprietary AI-Enabled Product

Our tested product provides in-depth insights into your order management practice that will decrease order fallout and allow you to provide a better customer experience.

End-to-End AI Implementation, Deployment, Measurement

End-to-End AI Implementation

We will implement, integrate, and deploy tailored AI solutions in your environment. Then we will provide you with continuous measurements, monitoring, and improvements.

Excelacom AI Methodology

AI has tremendous potential across the entire service provider enterprise. However, planning and execution are critical. Rather than focusing on the idea of AI as a whole, service providers need to focus more on individual use cases, the user experience and getting the right data. A sound strategy derived from best practices can mean the difference between success and failure.

Look at the big picture
Define a use case for AI
Obtain the data to support the use case
Discover and visualize the data to gain insights
Prepare the data for machine learning
Select a model and train it
Fine-tune your model and present your solution
Launch, monitor and maintain your system

We are a team of AI and Machine Learning experts with extensive industry knowledge and trusted advisors.

Simply knowing AI is not enough – combining AI with vertical domain knowledge and business experience is essential.

We specialize in the Telecom and Media space and deeply understand your business and technology problems.

We know how to apply the right set of AI and Machine Learning Technology to your problems.

We can help you find the right AI product and tools from our myriad of offerings.

We provide you with the right expertise, on an as-needed basis, without the outrageous costs.