Excelacom provides testing capabilities, knowledge, and technologies to companies that want to turn their testing organizations into a productivity powerhouse. The next generation of automation is autonomous test creation, test execution, and learning, all of which we can provide our customers, powered by our cutting edge Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation offerings.

We have a comprehensive range of testing services so you won’t run the risk of unforeseen issues that could cause costly business problems after your product or service has been deployed. We supply teams of testing experts to focus entirely on application, system, process, performance, and user acceptance testing so you can spend your time focusing on core business objectives.


Achieve real value - FASTER

Entire Solution

Excelacom brings the Entire Solution

Extensive test automation experience. Excelacom can help you target opportunities of real value and avoid costly, dead-end initiatives.

Excelacom provides technical talent with automation and testing experience.

Excelacom offers industry-tested products and solutions for a complete resolution.

Testing Consultancy Services



Provides a complete portfolio of consulting services focused on enhancing your test capabilities.



Test focus based on AI prediction improves the quality of release along with reduction in cost.



Optimize Test scope – reduction in sanitizing continuously produces higher test velocity and quality.



Performance evaluation and security validation for Applications, Databases and Servers.



Customized Automation Frameworks for Web, Mobile, and API.



Transform your testing to ensure the highest quality of processes aimed at delivering the best and desired quality.

Testing Managed Services

Excelacom has provided QA Services to multiple clients, including Wireless, Wireline/Fixed, Cable, and Media operators.

Excelacom finds managed testing services are most suitable for specialized testing efforts that don’t require much in-depth knowledge of the design or the system. Our team of trained professionals are certified in many areas, and our Testing Center of Excellence is recognized by leading industry authorities.

Testing Managed Services

Test Consultancy

Excelacom provides superior testing services that can help your organization improve your testing processes and devise test strategies for your development and operations processes. With more than two decades of experience, our software testing experts are capable of improving all types of testing and methodologies. Furthermore, we can provide you with in-house or outsourcing staff augmentation to further enhance your efficiency.

Test Process Assessment

Test Process Assessment
  • Audit existing process documentation and practices
  • Do gap analysis regarding project/organization goals
  • Present assessment findings and recommendations for improvements

Test Process Definition

Test Process Definition
  • Based on gap analysis of the available test process/framework, define test process/framework meeting the project/organization goals
  • Train stakeholders and implement the recommended process/framework

Test Tools Analysis

Test Tools Analysis
  • Tools analysis does a comparative analysis of the critical tools available in the market and recommends suitable test tools that accomplish project goals
  • Assist in configuration and implementation

Test Compliance

Test Compliance
  • Assist in institutionalizing the test process/framework and optimize
  • Assist in governance to ensure it meets the project/organization goals and ROI

Automated Continuous Testing and Delivery– Increased Velocity and Quality

To fulfill our clients’ demands for testing, we provide a comprehensive offering that in conjunction with our DevOps provides the automation of continuous testing and delivery.

Our experts are capable of finding the best solution for continuous testing and delivery within distributed and complex infrastructures. Which are embracing the cloud, consisting of various micro-services and resulting in virtually endless combinations of protocols and technologies. Having Agile in our DNA, our testing and DevOps organizations are continuously creating new value by delivering testing in dramatically reduced time intervals.

We stand behind the fact that business is as strong as its software. Thus software failures result in business failures, which can significantly impact the user experience, and therefore become the focus of even non-technical stakeholders. To overcome such obstacles, continuous improvements and delivery with automated testing are essential.

Key Benefits of Continuous Testing

Hands-free end-to-end delivery

Automated Quality Test at each stage

Release sanitization automated

Test focus on new features

Accelerated Test cycles

Continuous delivery

Approach to Continuous Testing and Delivery

Intelligent QA Platform

Intelligent QA Platform

Our experts are capable of providing you with a system that can process information in large datasets and allow our customers to gain knowledge from that data by asking questions in natural language form. Our AI modeler for predictions is a vital component of the process, allowing it to understand the problem, respond to the user’s queries and make the user feel as if they were interacting with a person rather than a machine.

With QA being the focus of our activities, our Testing Center of Excellence provides you with approaches and solutions to improve the quality of every release, predict the areas where the defects could occur, and generally reduce the cost of development.

Web & Mobile Automation

Web & Mobile Automation

Our web automation consulting practices will help you adopt the techniques and technologies needed to replace repetitive, tedious human tasks with minimal errors. Excelacom will help you select the right automation tools which will help you automate browser tasks, perform web testing, extract online data that will autofill forms, scrape data, and transfer it between applications. Our state-of-the-art business intelligence tools and methodologies will help gain numerous benefits reflected in:

  • No coding knowledge required
  • Easy to understand, implement and low maintenance at a quick pace
  • Parallel multi-browser testing
  • Reusable data
Security Testing

Security Testing

Excelacom’s Security Testing Consultants will help you identify data and resources which need to be protected from possible intruders in environments or applications. By implementing the best practices approach, we will validate for information leakage, find unauthorized access, and potential loopholes to eliminate weaknesses within your systems.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Consists of a Specialized Performance Engineering Group with purpose-engineered, conducted comprehensive performance procedures and sustained processes in emerging technologies using commercial, open-source, and Application Performance Management (APM) tools. Including expertise in building on-demand and scalable Performance Test labs using cloud services and on premise infrastructures. Comprehensive Performance Tests consist of coverage for user experience, infrastructure consumption, application and code behavior, non-functional SLAs and scalability assessment.

Platform expertise: Windows, LAMP, Java, mobile, cross-platform applications implemented on cloud or on premise, using virtualization and distributed computing.

Testing with AI

Testing with AI

With emerging technologies and rapid releases, Quality Assurance (QA) experiences multiple challenges in monitoring quality. At Excelacom, we have established a smarter AI-integrated framework that leverages the release of quality with continuous testing, immense coverage, predictive QA, dashboards, and Smart Analytics. The self-healing capabilities ensure unbreakable codes and Continuous Delivery on time and within budget. Embedded AI in the testing platform increases the predictability and focus of weaker and critical components, thereby increasing QA efficiency. We enable our clients to achieve optimal and accelerated quality by using an intelligent approach to QA.

Platform-based Century Test Automation

Century Test Automation (CTA) is a feature-rich application that organizes, automates, and manages all aspects of the testing process.

Century Test Automation distinguishes itself from other tools on the market by providing high-volume back-end process testing that bypasses the application’s User Interface.

CTA is designed for test case creation, execution, and validation. It automates test case execution/validation, as well as health checks, and provides built-in workflow management to tie together tasks to test workflow processes.

Century application for Test Automation

Century Application

User Manager

Enabling role creation, management, and privilege assignment, based on the project.

Test Case and Data Manager

Enabling users to create and organize test cases within a tree hierarchy, as well as create and view test data.

Test Execution Manager

Select and execute multiple test cases simultaneously in various environments, variable execution parameters, and update automatically.

Auto Validation Manager

Test cases are validated automatically as soon as the response is received. Responses are compared against saved baselines to determine whether the test case passed or failed.

Scheduling Manager

It allows for the creation of one-time or recurring tasks to execute at a specified time. The scope of the task is also defined by the user.

Reporting Manager

Generate execution reports (real-time) illustrating completion percentages, failed test cases, and more.

Benefits from Excelacom testing consulting

Our testing experts have performed thousands of test cases and scenarios in a variety of business environments using our comprehensive testing methodology based on quality and testing management best practices. In addition, we offer testing capabilities in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia enabling the delivery of around-the-clock testing so that our clients receive tangible business benefits including:

Decreased cost of application fixes

Improved customer satisfaction

Reduced application support costs

Speedy delivery of new products and services to market

Confidence that high-profile launches will occur with minimal issues

Reduced complexity as a result of standardization and automation

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