Century Analytics is the next-generation reporting platform that provides company-wide visibility and reporting with embedded AI. Century Analytics maximizes the efficiency of company-wide decision-making and business development strategies based on data and precise analysis.

Why Century Analytics?

Eliminate areas of failure

Improve customer experience

Complete data visibility and accountability

Streamline productivity


Synchronize all core company operations and instantly get data you need

Century Analytics is an advanced synchronization tool implemented in the core system of your company’s architecture. Detailed reports enable cross-departmental transparency and offer the ultimate business visibility.

Century Analytics app offers you the ability to create tailored fields with reports and a landing screen with all the essential data for your business.

Make smart data-driven business decisions

Make smart data-driven business decisions

Century Analytics is a comprehensive data analytics solution that consolidates complex business data from disparate sources into summarized reports.

Visualized metrics reports reveal a unique opportunity for proactive management and decision making. Providing users the option of making the right data-driven business decisions. Absolute transparency and precise data analysis lead to increased company-wide efficiency.

Embedded AI capabilities

Embedded AI capabilities

Century Analytics is powered by an AI engine, which uncovers the opportunity to implement smart actions and predictions for every aspect of your company's operations. One of the most powerful features of Century Analytics is its Digital fingerprints. Real-time online activity tracking helps leverage accurate data to create relevant customer experiences and offerings.

Century Analytics enables:
  • Instant creation of web lead capture forms
  • Relevant custom web content offering
  • Location service tracking and actions
  • Website activity tracking
  • Check-in posts

Century Analytics advances a company's customer and digital experience and helps provide exceptionally personalized client offerings.