From concept to production, and all the way to retirement

Excelacom’s agile approach to software development is based on constant iterations and continuous development of customer’s systems by precisely defining fragments and groups. Leading to incremental improvements of the system on the journey to becoming comprehensive and functional.

Agile Software Engineering

Agile Software Engineering

Excelacom will help you adopt an agile transformation process faster, incorporating well-established methods and practices for software engineering. For more than two decades, we have been gathering requirements and testing different approaches, allowing us to predict what works with confidence, while generating positive results.

Comprehensive agile development lifecycle experience

To have a smooth transition from development of ideas to live solutions, Excelacom uses a software development methodology based on communication, collaboration, and integration between Development, IT, and Business professionals. We have established a complete lifecycle from idea to retirement that enables our customers to take advantage of a fully conformed end-to-end solution for development and operations.

In providing agile software development, our consultants are predominantly relying on the following proven methodology.

Agile Development Lifecycle experience

Creation of initial wireframes and investigation to uncover information, refactoring the concept to enhance and solidify it.


Team members are identified, funding is secured, and initial environments and requirements are discussed


Different phases of projects are envisioned and prioritized with the assignment of project manager and key team members


The development team works together with clients to deliver working software, based on iterative requirements and feedback


Assessment of plan to ensure correct, complete, and implemented as intended, on time and within budget


Integration with other systems, taken to another level with particular attention to hidden risks of different integrations and merge clashes

Machine Learning (ML) is used to predict which software modules will have the highest probability of having defects. Additionally, ML prevents potential damage to predictions that were not addressed.

Excelacom provides complex services for our clients. Agile Software Engineering is just a part of our complex DevOps. To learn more about DevOps and understand the system’s complete lifecycle vision, please follow the above link.


QA (Quality Assurance) testing, internal and external training, documentation development, and final release of the iteration into production


Operate released systems by monitoring and orchestrating all elements to work in harmony and designing for operability in the first place


Focused on identification and documenting of systems functions, infrastructure, and interrelationships


Collect vital system data using web-based and machine learning tools to reduce overhead and minimize impact to production throughput


Make all the necessary changes to enhance the quality of the software and then repeat the cycle


End-of-life activities, including customer notification and migration.

Agile development is about people

Through our hands-on experience, we can assist you with simultaneously operating various projects, aligning your multiple sprints/iterations while maintaining continuous progress across multiple product lines.

Additionally, we can support you in serving a variety of customers, both external and internal, with a wide range of business needs.

All about people

It is all about people. Not processes.

Excelacom takes agile software development to the next level. With dedicated teams that are directly interlinked with our clients, we don’t just develop software, we build connections. Working side-by-side with our employees, we establish a partnership for better iterations and backend teams resulting in improved communications. We have proven methodologies that have been tested in our development labs and implemented with our clients.

No delays in feedback

No delays in feedback. No delays in deployment.

Our agile development teams always take the approach of delivering the most valuable part of the software as fast as possible, to get the necessary feedback from our clients. By working in conjunction with our customers, we minimize process time, and therefore changes are immediately implemented, eliminating backlog delays.

Quality first

Quality first.Testing as we deliver.

An obsolete approach to software development is proposing that testing should take as much time as development and the same as requirement gathering.

We’ve cut it all down to one. Our experienced programmers and team members are ready to provide you all three services in one. From the very first requirement, development is completed quickly and accelerated with parallel testing, as the first portion of code is developed. Our Development team delivers superior quality code while performing tests utilizing trained professionals, automated testing and even Artificial Intelligence for immediate feedback to developers. Developers are using tools and techniques, such as continuous integration, pair programming, test-driven development, design patterns, behavior-driven development, domain-driven design, and code refactoring to deliver the highest quality code.

Next generation documentation

Next generation documentation

The Documentation Center of Excellence in our company is comprised of technical writers that are involved from the initial stages of software development to provide the necessary documentation, for agile developers to meet the next iteration.

Our Documentation Center of Excellence masters the techniques allowing them to redo or write the documentation from scratch. By working in parallel with developers, technical writers reduce the documentation delivery time, as well as the workload for engineers.

Furthermore, our teams are contributing to all the necessary documentation collection details presented about API or functionality. Through such an approach, everyone is on the same page: developers, writers, and customers.

We have expanded our innovative capabilities by developing several online portals that present documentation and enable customers the option of reviewing them throughout the process. Web access and portals offer easy browsing, fast searching, and convenient Eco-friendly documentation.