A Digital business has the power to Transform organizations. As that transformation evolves, success requires a move from digital experimentation and pilots to digital scaling of proven practices. The digitization moves the company emphasis from Technologies and IT into business transformations. Our clients benefit from our technical expertise and extensive experience in providing superior consulting services to the largest service providers. That allows us to help them shift their focus from cost control and process reengineering in IT to driving new revenues and capturing data.

As digitization continues to advance, we see a high demand to identify growth based on new business models. We can help service providers identify working business models and help them establish technologies that enable them to pilot, test, run, and scale business models that work. It is crucial to understand that there is a thin line between working and non-working business models. Depending on the impending circumstance, whether it is related to the market, customers, margin targets, diverse supplier network, or mission changes, we work with our customers to mutually study and resolve the situation, to make business models accordingly.

Understanding digital transformation

Digital Transformation refers to converting processes, activities, and models to meet digital economy requirements until a company is a fully integrated digital organization.

Digital Transformation

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Excelacom Technology Coverage of Digital Transformation

Digital work space and collaboration

Process Automation and paperless office

Customer relationship, experience and engagement

Data analytics and reporting

M2M and IoT

Cyber security

Application modernization

Network function virtualization

Data Management

BSS/OSS upgrade and consolidation

Service creation and provisioning

System integration and vendor consolidation

Omni-channel access and social media integration

Partner and Channel Management

Excelacom Transformation Factory

Transformation Factory

Experienced Excelacom resources that design and test your business model to define the proper technologies and processes needed for success.

Excelacom Digital Accelerator

Digital Accelerator

Industry experts that will help the implementation of new business models and processes throughout your digital transformation journey.

Digital Experience

Digital Experience

A well-balanced mixture of technology and industry expertise that will help you best use digitization to your advantage and provide unified omni-channel access for your customers.

Digital Transformation Organizational Benefits