EXCELACOM Dynamic Service Orchestration expedites the deployment and launch of any service offerings with minimal human intervention, and greatly reduces the likelihood of failed orders, disappointed customers and lost revenues.

Avoiding technology silos is a high priority in today’s multi-cloud, multi-stack, cross-domain infrastructures. Communications Service Providers and Telcos require processes that seamlessly manage data across platforms and environments built by multiple networks.

With the rapid pace of service and market offering development, there is no room left for manual process execution or building custom scripts that enable individual cases of cross-platform collaboration. Creating custom-built solutions that are time-consuming, error-prone and build layers of customized software that are hard to maintain and upgrade.

Operation Efficiency. Increased Agility.

Century Service Orchestrator is a fully automated, catalog-driven product built for CSPs.

Century enables you to enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art open system to

effortlessly streamline processes

across multiple environments

between multiple teams.

End-to-end orchestration of orders and services across virtualized, physical and partner infrastructure is one of the most challenging operations for communications service providers.

Century Service Orchestrator allows delivery of both legacy and digital services across all network types, including the cloud and virtualized environments.


Automated orchestration for instantiating, managing, and chaining orders to accelerate delivery time and reduce the number of order fallouts.

and Metadata Driven

Enable unique service order workflows, service decomposing, recomposing and translation of codes and records between the systems.

Enterprise Complexity

Enable complex Enterprise offerings over multiple networks with native support of MACD and orchestration of IoT, M2M, cloud, data center SDN, and NFV.



End-to-end order management is configurable even by non-technical users to reduce IT dependency.

Century Service Orchestrator aligns your employees, platforms, and technologies in an integrated environment, allowing you to process service requests faster without order fallout or greater resource expenditure.



Orchestration design and decomposition definitions using BPMN 2.0 Process Builder followed by Page Builder allow easy creation of pages assigned to the processes.



Enables orchestration across hybrid networks, delivering orders to both legacy and virtualized network domains, giving you an environment that exhibits agility and innovation.



Ability to track order data with intuitive dashboards from origin to any potential errors, with groundbreaking algorithms using ML to predict order times and order fallouts.



Specially built for the communications and media industry, Century Service Orchestrator offers a smooth transformation from the traditional approach to an automated orchestrated ecosystem.

Defining the customer value instead of process delivery allows for higher operational efficiency. At the same time, maintaining the SLA and enabling the introduction of network slicing, hybrid cloud offerings and support of 5G use cases. This provides the needed competitive edge, giving you an environment for a smooth transition to any new technological advancement to grab new market opportunities.

imagine a network where everything is virtualized.

You will be running software-defined networks, where all your customers may have a completely different set of virtualized functions. This would be impossible with a traditional approach. Century will help you achieve the transformation by giving you and your customers more control, enabling a digital ecosystem partnership and monetizing their and your infrastructure.

Deliver Services.
Deliver It Fast.

The focal point of developing Century Orchestrator was to provide Telecom Operators the ability to offer service on demand, with updates in real-time, and deliver services to customers more quickly.

Century Orchestrator consists of experience from leading Telecom Operators with the capability to support out-of-the-box 25+ Enterprise Market Offerings, including Metro-Ethernet, Advance Voice, SDWAN and Managed Services. As well as residential offerings for Wireless, Fixed line operators and Unified Communication service providers.

Deliver Services.
Provide Individuality.

Through experience with leading US and International CSPs in implementing service and order management, we have developed processes, tools and abilities to deliver services on-demand and perform changes in real-time.

Our native support of MACDR functionality allows you to quickly react to customers' demands and provide tailor-made offerings with significantly reduced IT dependency.

Minimal Order Fallout.

Based on extensive collaboration with leading telecom operators, we have developed a unified integrated module to view, assign, monitor, notify and fix order fallouts. This module enables you to create correction policies mapped to categories, as well as advanced features for diagnostics and fallout auto-correction.

We support zero-touch customer self-service, and our solution offers comprehensive end-to-end automation of both operational and lifecycle processes. CSO enables you to streamline your services from idea to fulfillment and back.

Catalog Driven.
Component Based.

By taking a widely accepted component-based development approach along with all our catalog-driven applications, Century Service Orchestrator allows you to build an environment that can be orchestrated.

We pay close attention by observing standardized patterns for components with a common information model, a single source of truth for available products and definition of services with their metadata stored in the catalog.

Model Based.
Highly Abstracted

Century Orchestrator enables you to abstract the complexity and drives the modularity. We abstract the complexity of ordering any physical or virtual resource and put it into highly configurable models to improve efficiency.

With our solution, you can remove all the complexity associated with any part of physical, virtual or partner networks to simplify the service definition and policies you have to manage. Century Orchestrator enables abstraction on multiple levels, including customers, services, resources and technologies.

Order Decomposition.
Powerful Rules Engine.

Century Orchestrator features a state-of-the-art capability to Decompose Orders and Services with configurable rules to create multiple work orders and tasks that help coordinate order fulfillment across different teams to reduce order fallouts.

Century supports complex service and order decomposition hierarchies by automatically decomposing the orders and services by sites or process flows to trigger the automatic assignment of tasks and workflows across product types, activity types, multiple lines of business and order types.

Enhanced Visualization.
Performance and Resiliency.

Century Orchestrator enables agility, and elasticity and improves time-to-market, time-to-revenue, and time-to-scale, by utilizing visual modeling and design of service offering definition, processes, tasks, and rules.

Century provides implementation policy-driven operational management with increased security, high performance, and resiliency using configurable and reusable components that constitute the orchestration patterns at each layer of telecom operators' architecture.


A product that contains the industry’s best practices, built using open-source systems.

Excelacom has a unique combination of software, industry knowledge and integration capabilities all blended into OTS products for order management and service orchestration, allowing easy handover with real-time, zero-touch delivery of all products.



Created by industry leaders and consumed by leading CSPs for 15+ years Century Service Orchestrator allows you to benefit from

Reduction of Operating Costs

Order Fallouts Minimization

Order Fallout Minimization

- Fallout management and auto-correction

- Comprehensive input models

- Automated task assignments

Predefined Configurable Processes

Predefined Configurable Processes

- State model processes

- Multi-cloud orchestration

- Well defined and documented telecom-centric processes

Predefined Configurable Processes
Native support of MACD
Native support of MACD

Native MACD Support

- Orchestration of inflight changes

- Suspend and Restore Services

- Change equipment services and locations (single or multi-sided)

Task Automation

Task Automation

- Automated decomposition and recomposition of orders

- Process-driven multi-team collaboration

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

- Predicts order fallouts

- Predicts service delivery time

- Configurable dashboards and reporting

Advanced Analytics
Workflow Optimization
Workflow Optimization

Workflow Optimization

- Configurable models for the entire B2B market offering

- Easy creation of processes, business rules, tasks and workflows with associated pages