Design and Architecture are the cornerstones of robust solutions

Excelacom has extensive experience in solutions designing and architecture. Our professionals are available for our clients to help them avoid the common and sometimes unpredictable pitfalls that proper solution design can mitigate. We have established methodologies, experts, and tools that provide the definition of steps needed to be taken that result in greater certainty in creating flawless and defect-proof solutions.

Excelacom approach to Architecture and Design

Building a robust architecture requires in-depth knowledge of solution development. With our development Center of Excellence that can seat almost a thousand professionals, offices around the globe, and references in some of the largest companies in the world, we have developed a comprehensive approach to development and operations. Moreover, we deliver solution design services that result in optimum architecture and design for maximizing your ROI.

Agile DNA of Excelacom

With agile in our foundation, we take the same approach to architecture and solution design. Our company pays special attention to cover all aspects of any selected development approach ranging from a project-based approach to product-based approach to program-based approach and to cover the main concerns of agile solution architecture and design, including:

Problem definition

Set of occurrences and patterns that are used to describe the addressed business problem

Pattern wrapping

Used to avoid the complexities and identify the source of truth across the solution, to create definable sets of behaviors

Architecture integration

The strategic approach of identifying connection points and data exchange patterns

Solution limits

Identification of what legacy systems can provide that affects the solution’s data integration

Manageable uncertainty

Extensive governance model and project tools that evolve the solution as data or functionalities becoming available

Engagement model

Role of architects evolves with the project, and their task becomes more strategically engaged within the entire ecosystem

Agile approach to Design and Architecture

Focus on people, not technology or techniques

Work iteratively and incrementally

Look at the whole picture

Keep it simple

Roll up your sleeves

Make it attractive to customers

Embedded AI

Embedded AI for development

Our AI solution can create models that allow you to identify development patterns. Such models with high precision provide you with the information needed to understand what development areas are more likely to result in delays or defects, based on big data analysis, and help you design a solution that avoids unnecessary complications, costly error fixing, or defected crusty code. Such an approach allows us to create solutions that have a lower total cost of ownership and carrier-grade performance, resulting in enhanced customer experiences.

Architecting in the clouds

Architecting in the clouds

With cloud platforms becoming more available and passing the point of inflated expectations, we have identified several options for providing clients with services that allow them to consider cloud platforms as part of their architecture foundation. By delivering several projects to help our customers either develop or migrate their systems to the cloud, we are confident that we can provide the optimal cloud architecture for your needs.

Next generation documentation

Next generation documentation

The Documentation Center of Excellence in our company is comprised of technical writers that are involved from the initial stages of software development to provide the necessary documentation, for agile developers to meet the next iteration.

Our Documentation Center of Excellence masters the techniques allowing them to redo or write the documentation from scratch. By working in parallel with the developers, technical writers reduce the documentation delivery time, as well as the workload for engineers.

Furthermore, our teams are contributing to all the necessary documentation collection details presented about API or functionality. Through such an approach, everyone is on the same page: developers, writers, and customers.

We have expanded our innovative capability by developing several online portals that are used to present documentation and enable customers the option of reviewing them throughout the process. Web access and portals offer easy browsing, fast searching, and convenient Eco-friendly documentation.

Benefits of Excelacom Solutions Design and Architecture

Quick discovery and cross-check of what design ideas work and how to share them across the teams

Wide range of knowledge in various tools and technologies being utilized by development teams for execution of architecture

Knowledgeable architects with years of experience, with deep industry expertise

Active training and mentoring capabilities for skillset improvements of developers and integrators

Excellence in knowledge and idea-sharing techniques for project teams to quickly understand the architecture

Quick feedback collection and requirements management with strong project teams to ensure the architecture’s evolution

Ability to actively help or insource development of the architecture for creation of reusable technical and business infrastructure

Developed methods for close iterations with technical teams from our customers that ensures an error-free data managements