Century Integration Framework (CIF) is a service-based integration framework. It's a gateway app providing APIs for client applications. CIF was developed to unify complex business processes and act as an information hub for multiple systems, integrations, and applications.

Why Century Integration Framework?

Faster and accurate communication between applications

Dynamic mapping of requests

Highly scalable and configurable environment

Multi-purpose dashboard for progress and accomplishment visibility

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture transformation is effortless with Century

CIF enables organizations to identify key integration points in architecture while defining them in terms of industry-standard APIs. It provides seamless communication of business generated content and data services between different systems and sets up a new standard of business apps and systems connectivity.

Configurable API

Configurable API is a new reality

Our unique configuration tool creates a UI template to send data to an external system. The screens are associated with events/tasks in the workflow of the source system. End-users can easily track the progress and get the latest analytics and data from all the business apps. The easy-to-manage process enables company-wide visibility and cross-application connectivity.