Excelacom Big Data Analytics Offering

With increasing amounts of data, Communications and Media Providers have tremendous opportunities to monetize from its value. Having the right technology in place, Big Data can help increase revenue through customer-tailored offers, lower costs through network optimization, and even improve overall customer experience. Excelacom’s well-balanced proprietorial technologies, excellent knowledge of third-party data analysis systems, and superior consulting capabilities help you utilize the benefits of Big Data.


  • Century Analytics platform
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platform
  • Reports Consolidation Platform
  • Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS)

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Analytics and AI


  • Reporting System Integration
  • Reporting Landscape Consolidation
  • Reporting Technology Advisory
  • Analytical Data Processing
  • Excelacom Cloud-based Services

Consulting Services for Big Data Analytics

Cost Reduction through Reporting Consolidation

Cost Reduction through Reporting Consolidation
  • Evaluation of existing reporting system landscape
  • Roles, licensing costs, product lifecycle, features, limitations, and more
  • Roadmap and planning assessment
  • Tier 1 operator references testifying system consolidation engagements

Reporting Integration Analysis and Architecture

Reporting Integration Analysis and Architecture
  • Providing services that manage layered data structure creation
  • Design and development of report templates, with predefined data queries and sophisticated report layouts that are convenient for end-users of any knowledge level

Reporting Technology Advisory Services

Reporting Technology Advisory Services
  • We assist you in selecting the best technology stack for reports/dashboards and controlling/reporting processes
  • Utilizing our expertise, we’re able to choose the most optimum technologies for all users. Starting with strategy makers, driven down to all other business and technology functions, including customer dimensions, products or human processes reports

Data Security Audit

Data Security Audit
  • Security audits are developed to safeguard from outside threats
  • Data back up and protection from corruption
  • Compliant with regulations
  • Data availability, performance, and liability

Analytical Data Processing

Analytical Data Processing
  • We address data analytics infrastructure and apply advanced data analysis to provide our customers with regular and ad-hoc reports, alerts, predictions, as well as self-service analytics
  • Private cloud deployment of reporting services based on Century Analytics Platform or other selected technology
  • Near-site data processing and report generation

Cloud-based Hosting Services for Analytical Reporting

Cloud-based Hosting Services
  • Subscription-based tariff model
  • CPU-Intensive, Data-Intensive, and Balanced tariff models
  • Operational Service Level Agreement model
  • Data backup services for cloud-based reporting services provided by Excelacom
  • Data integration services to migrate data to a cloud-based reporting platform
  • Customer support services

Transformation using Big Data Analytics BEHIND THE SCENES

Data Quality

Data Quality Testing and Services

Data quality is listed as one of the significant roadblocks to the success of advanced analytics project dealing with disparate data sources. Disputing results when they don’t appear to be accurate, raising suspicions about whether a data platform can be trusted. Excelacom has a long and successful track record of traditional IT testing. This core competency has been transitioned to help companies address data quality issues in this new data-driven age. Currently, companies make increasingly more decisions based on data making data quality a critical part of running your business. Excelacom has experience with data quality validation in the following areas:

Billing Systems Migration

We have helped multiple companies ensure maximum project success with minimal customer impact during the consolidation of legacy systems into one via pre-testing, post-testing and rating/rules validation.

Streaming Network Data

Excelacom validated the completeness and accuracy of network streams which were used for a $400M digital marketing project.

Data Classification

Excelacom validatesss the output of third-party vendors who classified network stream data and stored it in a reporting data mart. Excelacom ensured that the vendor correctly classified a high percentage of the data streams to meet marketing standards.

Geospatial Data Capture

Excelacom validated geospatial data generated from cell tower triangulation and provided its client with a consistent report of the health and accuracy of the data capture.

Retail Store Transaction Time

Retail Store Transaction Time

Excelacom worked with a company with a significant retail presence and created a new way of measuring the required time for sales reps to complete a sale. The dataset became the company standard for sales rep coaching, resource planning, and was used to measure the success of multiple retail efficiency initiatives. This implementation was performed via a small team using existing company data resources, proving that large data initiatives can be delivered for a low cost when working with the right consulting partner.


Salesforce Einstein Data Integration & Performance Results

Excelacom helped a company with a broad Salesforce implementation which was rolled out to over 15,000 users. Specifically, Excelacom was responsible for measuring the success and financial ROI of the project. In order to do this, Excelacom consulted on the proper performance criteria and then delivered numerous reporting capabilities which measured according to the agreed standards. That enabled the project to prove its ROI within multiple sales hierarchies and sales channels with an extremely accurate level of detail. Project sponsors were able to justify the expansion of the project to an additional 30,000 users, utilizing the data. Making it the largest successful project in the entire business group.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics for Internal Applications

Excelacom delivered a successful web analytics implementation for a customer who wanted to measure the usage and success of applications within their retail store. Excelacom designed the entire system and saved the client millions of dollars by identifying existing software licenses that could be leveraged. Upon implementation, Excelacom’s client was able to measure activities that were previously not measurable. Some examples are:

  • Accuracy of prediction models used by the system
  • Customer behavior patterns
  • Customer lists of unsuccessful sales for use by CRM teams
  • System flow efficiencies

Adaptive Customer Management

Using Adaptive Customer Management providers can drive personalized services by understanding and predicting three different types of needs, then utilizing them in the creation of competitive advantage:

1. Basic needs

24 x 7 x 365, including basic voice and data levels. Under-usage of plan limits and features creates the perception that the subscriber is overpaying for unused features. (By the same measure, over-usage penalties diminish loyalty and fuels competitors, as customers are motivated to look for cheaper options or “all-in” plans from competitors).

2. Periodic and lifestyle needs

Accessing known patterns from subscriber’s data, adding usage and revenue.

3. Spot needs

Predicting event and usage patterns for premium revenue based on any occasion, event, time, or location.

Excelacom’s Selected Technology Stack for Big Data Analytics

Reports Consolidation Platform

Reports Consolidation Platform

Reports Consolidation Platform is Excelacom’s latest front-end development effort in presenting a magnitude of reports for telecom operations:

  • Built using the latest front end technologies
  • Advanced analytic capabilities
  • Native interoperability with Century
  • Multi-tenant
  • Scalability to support an extensive number of reports
  • Reducing the number of requests and pressure for mission-critical databases

Century Analytics Platform

Century Analytics Platform

Century Analytics Platform maximizes the efficiency of company-wide decision-making and business development strategies based on data and precise analysis:

  • Intelligent platform providing value-driven analytics for strategic and tactical decision-making
  • Interactive dashboards providing insights with detailed tracking for overall operational efficiency improvements
  • Dynamic and Comprehensive Data Model that supports technology-agnostic reporting and consolidates relevant qualified information from disparate sources into a singular data repository
  • Flexible access to quick insights backed by data visualization tools

Benefits of Excelacom Big Data Analytics Consulting

End-to-End Reporting

  • Fully integrated reporting stack designed for turnkey reporting scenarios
  • Deploy as you go - adaptable deployment scenarios

Implementation Agnostic

  • On premises, public and private cloud support


  • Reusable report composition

Visual Attractiveness

  • Appealing data visualization support


  • Compliant with regulatory security standards


  • Agile change request model that meets customer needs

Best practice methodology for maximum ROI from Big Data Analytics

  • Lack of robust architecture generally leads to inconsistent results (i.e., reports with different values for the same thing, causing confusion and loss of credibility)
  • Lack of modern architecture reduces the opportunity for advanced use cases, such as voice interaction, machine learning, and analysis of unstructured data
  • Lack of stable architecture generally leads to significant re-coding and re-mapping of the same data multiple times

Capture ALL source data in the data lake

  • Improve data availability
  • Quickly recover data elements for future use
  • Single pull is more efficient
  • More convenient integration of numerous sources if stored together

Provide a consistent, reusable framework

  • Simplified training efforts
  • Timely defect removal
  • Convenient updates as new tools become available
  • Easier to tune
  • Centralized security

Build a virtual metadata library

  • Reduce the amount of physical movement
  • Metadata can provide multiple views of the same data
  • Centralized data governance
  • Takes advantage of modern data stores

Iteratively integrate new data over time

  • Provides value faster
  • Provides synergy and re-usability over time
  • Proper scope of effect and span of control

Provide support for data in the architecture

  • Analytics value increases when multiple types and more data can be analyzed
  • Since it’s not one-size-fits-all, we’re able to provide more flexibility, efficiency, and overall savings

Capture data in its “raw” form in the data lake

  • Minimize the risk of lost data due to early transformation and current case usage only
  • Quickly pull up data as-is from source systems (with minimal common metadata added – e.g., data lineage