2016 Update: What Happens in One Internet Minute?

Big Data is growing exponentially, as consumers demand more content, more speed and more data. Communication and Media providers are struggling to keep up and are constantly competing with one another in efforts to provide consumers the fastest and highest quality broadband speeds. Simultaneously to Internet speeds ramping up, the challenge to monetize Big Data increases.

Big Data is everywhere and it is inevitable. It ranges from suggesting what movie to watch on Netflix to predicating national tragedies. Whether you realize it or not, as consumers, Big Data surrounds us everywhere, ultimately influencing decisions that we make every day. For instance, when shopping on Amazon, products are recommended to us based on our shopping patterns. It's no coincidence; Big Data is behind the scenes, personalizing each of our shopping experiences.

Often Big Data and Internet speeds are overlooked. What happens in an Internet minute is mind-blowing. In just 60 seconds this is what the Internet does:

Excelacom InternetMinute2016

So, what's happened since 2015? The mass majority of these numbers have significantly increased from what happened in an Internet minute last year. This goes to show how consumers are continuously utilizing the Internet more and more each day, pressuring Internet speeds to increase as well. Here are some key difference from Internet speeds in 2016 vs. 2015:

  • Uber – 695 more rides per minute (100% increase)
  • Amazon – $83,836 more in sales per minute (70% increase)
  • Spotify – 24,752 more hours of music uploaded per minute (186% increase)

What does this mean for Communications and Media Providers?

These numbers are increasing every day, every minute and every second. This Big Data disruption leaves many opportunities for Communication and Media providers to experience its benefits. With the right infrastructure in place and innovative, forward-thinking campaigns, Communication and Media providers can cut costs and significantly increase revenues. Ultimately, the customer experience and satisfaction rates will improve, ensuring future success and sustainability for Communication and Media providers.

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