What Makes the World Go Round?

To most people outside of the inner circle of telecom, the word telecommunications and details about its systems mean close to nothing. Folks love talking about their phones and computers and all the devices they use. They even love to talk about all the tweets they read and Instagram photos they've looked at. What they don't realize (or forget) is that the Internet is what allows all these things to happen. Without a network to support the speeds it needs, your smartphone isn't so smart. Without a steady internet connection, your business doesn't run. Without dependable systems, your bill from your provider means nothing. And, guess what? That's what we're in the business of providing.

When folks ask me what I do for a living, and I say I'm a consultant for a telecommunication company, I can see their eyes glaze over. I'm going to start changing my answer. I'm going to start telling people that I'm in the business of making the world go round. I don't think anyone would disagree with me if I say the world will stop if the Internet shuts down, would they?

What we do here at Excelacom is provide the integral support that our clients need to be able to keep their networks running smoothly, which provides Internet access for businesses and consumers. Between all our accounts and all our different contracts, we provide strategy consulting for technology, business and operations as well as telecom-focused solutions for order management and automated testing. With our order management solution, our teams keep our clients happy by helping them to introduce new service offerings, as well as making sure that existing services are running as they should. This in turn makes our clients' customers happy, which is integral to businesses everywhere.

Access to the Internet today is as essential as electricity and running water. Countries in different parts of the world have started classifying it as a basic necessity, and companies like Google and Facebook are making it their business to bring Internet to the most remote areas. None of this would be possible without the network to carry this service. Simple analogy, the fanciest car in the world is a lot less useful without the road on which to drive it. Similarly, the way the world is progressing today, the most powerful computer can't provide as much value without an Internet connection. And telecommunication companies (our clients), and the businesses that support them (us), are in the process of building those roads, and making sure they can keep up with the traffic.

So, next time somebody asks you what Excelacom does, tell them we're in the business of making the world go round. For more information on how you can join the Excelacom team, visit our career page