Success Stories


Improved Processes and Reduced Costs


Media Research (Global)


$6 billion


Improved Processes and Reduced costs

Excelacom's experts helped this company realign their business support team and processes which resulted in a better customer experience.


This organization's Client Software Organization needed to improve efficiency, address manually intensive processes and data inconsistencies across multiple systems.


  • Reduced costs by implementing process improvements, system enhancements, and staff reductions.
  • Reduced resources. With automation and a solid organizational structure, they were able to reduce headcount.
  • Faster time-to-market with a structured organization and automated processes.
  • Better customer experience by realigning their business support team and processes.


Analyzed the end-to-end company operations and delivered an extensive report of results and solutions:

  • Examined the processes within their Client Software Organization
  • Provided a high-level definition of the key inefficiency factors
  • Delivered a prioritized list of business improvements
  • Assessed the organizational structure and provided recommendations