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Reduced Operating Expenses


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$5 billion


Reduced Operating Expenses

Excelacom's dynamic business transformation plan helped this European high-tech company reduce their operating expenses by more than 40%.


This client was faced with two major challenges. First, the company was dealing with financial issues and needed to reduce operational expenses. And, the company's multiple product lines did not align with their current business strategy.


  • Delivered a comprehensive product strategy, process improvements, and single platform architecture supporting rapid growth, faster time to market, and reduced time to revenue.
  • Reduced operational expenses potentially by more than 40%.
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction with quicker delivery times and better issue tracking and resolution.


  • Identified organizational and process inefficiencies. Analyzed, designed and executed a dynamic business transformation plan.
  • Delivered a holistic product strategy, which included the supporting delivery process and product roadmap plan.