Our team led by Dinesh Dhanasekharan, CTO, will be presenting our latest product development and how we can help you with forthcoming trends of the metaverse, the introduction of 10G, multi-network convergence, business automation and utilization of Machine Learning to build AI-driven applications for the Communications and Media Industry. During the exhibit, we will be highlighting our disruptive Century platform - a model-driven, low-code, fully configurable suite of business applications that enable end-to-end customer, product, and revenue lifecycle management.

A team of industry-leading professionals from Excelacom will be demonstrating how our system can help you:

  • Create automated orchestration of orders and services for instantiating, managing, and chaining orders to accelerate delivery time and reduce the number of order fallouts
  • Utilize the advancements of Machine Learning to create smart data, predictable processes and smart networks
  • Take advantage of a Metadata-driven approach and the importance of Data Hubs
  • Achieve delivery of complex Enterprise offerings over multiple networks with native support of MACD and orchestration of IoT, M2M, Cloud, Data Center SDN, and NFV
  • Create quick time-to-market using a model-based approach to launch new services emerging for new network technologies
  • Create and effectively deploy an Enterprise self-care system
  • Utilize visualization to abstract complexity and easily onboard business users, early in the product creation process

Excelacom will be at the exclusive 10G Avenue, kiosk IA1, as one of the few industry leaders, where we will gladly provide you with more information.

To meet with our leaders, book your appointment now, using Calendly.

Our company has prepared a special prize for all visitors in the form of a drawing. Visitors that take a selfie at our booth and share it on LinkedIn in with #centuryapps will be entered in the drawing to win an Apple Watch.

Win! Apple Watch

Happy exhibiting!

We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia at the Cable-Tec Expo Kiosk IA1, located in the 10G Avenue.

About Us

Excelacom addresses clients' complex business, technology, and operational challenges through a combination of consulting expertise and technology solutions. We optimize existing systems and work on an accelerated timeline that minimizes risk and maximizes return, improving business and operational performance without costly technology transformations. The global company is headquartered in Reston, VA, outside Washington, D.C., with offices in North America and Europe, as well as a Technology Center in Chennai, India. For the past 20 years, our customers have spanned many industries, with a focus on telecommunications.